World Listening Day “Sounds Lost and Found” virtual symposium

WLD2016logo-3Coinciding with activities on The 606 is the #SoundCon x World Listening Day virtual symposium.

This live, online broadcast of presentations on the theme of “Sounds Lost & Found” takes place on July 17 and 18. Visit to view scheduled presentations.

Below is the virtual symposium schedule as of July 16 with direct links.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

8:00PM CST / Eric Leonardson, Executive Director, World Listening Project (Chicago)*
8:20PM CST / Aditi Bhagwat, MA in Kathak Dance, Gandharva Mahavidyalaya (Mumbai)

Monday, July 18, 2016

10:20AM CST / Emeka Ogboh, Theme Creator, World Listening Day 2016 (Lagos)
10:40AM CST / Hilda Daniel, Multimedia Artist (NYC / Singapore / LA) 
11:00AM CST / Ben Mirin aka DJ Ecotone, National Geographic Channel (NYC)
11:20AM CST / Maile Colbert, PhD Fellow, Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Lisbon)
11:40AM CST / Carmen Braden, Canadian Association for Sound Ecology (Yellowknife) 
12:00PM CST / Milena Droumeva, Assistant Professor, Simon Fraser University (Vancouver)

* Leonardson’s presentation follows the “Sounds Alive Treasure Hunt” event ENDING AT 7:30 Sunday.

The 606 Soundscape | Sounds Lost and Found | World Listening Day on July 16-18

WLD2016logo-3Join us on The 606 & Bloomingdale Trail, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, July 16–18 for  soundwalks, sound making, listening workshops, and  symposium to celebrate World Listening Day 2016.


SATURDAY July 16, 2016

10-12:00 pm

Soundwalk & Drawing with Norman W. Long & Eric Leonardson
McCormick Tribune YMCA, 1834 Lawndale Ave., meet at Active Green Space on west (Ridgeway) side of building

7-8:30 pm

Lost Sound Urban Safari with Anna Orlikowska & Eric Leonardson
Walsh Park, meet at Northeast Wall lawn near Bloomingdale Trail East Trailhead

SUNDAY July 17, 2016

6-7:30 pm

Sounds Alive Treasure Hunt with Scratch Orchestra. Meet at Lawn above St. Louis Ave. on Bloomingdale Trail.

8-8:10 pm

World Listening Day 2016 Virtual Symposium Keynote by Eric Leonardson, meet at Julia de Burgos Park or Tune-in live at

MONDAY July 18, 2016

9:00 am-10:30 am (Central Time) World Listening Day Virtual Symposium Global Live Stream

6:30-8:00 pm

Hidden Sounds | Radio Ear soundwalks with Monica Ryan, Sadie Woods & Jeff Kolar. Meet us to begin at Humboldt Blvd Access Point on the Bloomingdale Trail. The walk will lead into Humboldt Park. Continue reading “The 606 Soundscape | Sounds Lost and Found | World Listening Day on July 16-18”

Fourth of July Fireworks


Throughout Chicago our soundscape will be filled explosions in celebration of the founding of the United States of America. The excitement of sparkling lights and loud noises may bring back fond memories, signaling an annual cycle of American summertime. However, for some who are sensitive to sounds, especially of warfare, people and pets are highly disturbed. Veterans with traumatic battlefield experience are among them.

On another note, National Public Radio’s Ari Shapiro spoke with a pyrotechnics specialist on how firework sounds are designed.

Sounds, images and stories from The 606

There is a wealth of written texts about soundscape studies on the web. Among some online resources for learning to enjoy or balance the acoustic ecology of Chicago.

“Are the sounds of city living a blessing or a curse to you?” Last October, Moss Design published this blog post about summer soundscapes of Chicago, including The 606.

Affordable materials for our simple musical instrument workshop were found or purchased at local businesses, including The Wasteshed, located at 914 N California Ave.

Saturday, May 28 Soundwalks and Instrument Making Workshops

606-logoThe 606 SOUNDSCAPE

Soundwalks and Instrument Making Workshops
Eric Leonardson: 2016 Open AIR (Artist in Residence)
The 606 & Bloomingdale Trail
Saturday, May 28

  • 10-11 am

Meet at Park 567, Leavitt Access Point
Soundwalk with Eric (English)

  • 1-2 pm

Meet at Julia de Burgos Park, Albany Access Point
Soundwalk with Amanda Gutierrez & Eric (Spanish)

  • 4-5:30 pm

Meet at McCormick Tribune YMCA, Active Green Space
Instrument Making Workshop with Eric

  • 6-7 pm

Meet at Exelon Observatory, west end of the trail
Soundwalk with Monica Ryan & Eric (English)

Click here to download the May 28 flier (PDF). Continue reading “Saturday, May 28 Soundwalks and Instrument Making Workshops”

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